Primary Care Doctors Specialize in You

Your 365体育娱乐 pediatrician, 家庭医生, physician or internist may also be called your primary care provider or care physician.

  • Pediatricians treat newborns 和 children up to age 21 to help them stay healthy physically, 精神上, 和社会.
  • Family medicine doctors are trained to treat patients of all ages.
  • Internal medicine doctors treat adult patients starting at age 18.

家庭护理医生, 儿科医生, care physicians 和 internal medicine specialists have offices 和 are 接受新病人 in all northern Michigan communities served by 365体育娱乐 to help you 和 your family get well 和 stay well.


初级保健服务 in Northern Michigan

Your primary care office is your medical home 和 the right place to start when you need non-emergency care. These physicians care for you during all stages of your life, from first days to last days. They meet your general healthcare needs, manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, 哮喘, 或糖尿病, 和 help you live a healthy life.

  • Allergies 和 minor allergic reactions
  • 哮喘
  • Check-ups 和 regular screenings
  • 感冒和流感症状
  • 糖尿病
  • Exercise 和 nutrition counseling
  • General medical questions 和/or concerns
  • High cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Management of a chronic condition
  • Mild fevers in adults 和 children
  • Mild to moderate pain or discomfort
  • 轻微的割伤和烧伤
  • Preventative 和 diagnostic screenings, such as cholesterol tests, breast exams, 和 prostate exams
  • Sprains, aches, 和 fractures
  • Vaccines 和 免疫接种
  • Well-child visits, back-to-school, 和 routine check-ups

*The symptoms above are guidelines 和 not a complete list.

Primary care providers collaborate with other specialists to ensure you receive the right level of care in treating an illness or condition. They also help coordinate care across all settings, including 家庭护理长期护理 设施.

Most family care offices offer same day appointments 和 on-call physician weekend hours. Some clinics also offer physician staffed weekend 和 evening hours.  

Most 365体育娱乐 primary care locations offer Virtual Visit services. Virtual care allows you to seek diagnosis 和 treatment from the comfort of your home or other private setting.

Wherever you live in northern Michigan, primary care doctors can be found in or near your community.


You 和 Your Doctor: A Vital Relationship

An excellent way to stay as healthy as possible is to have a trusted, 舒适的, long-term relationship with a family care provider. As a partner in your health, your primary care doctor listens to what you have to say 和 takes the time to get to know you 和 your family. He or she will promote your health 和 well-being by responding quickly to acute conditions, managing chronic conditions, 和 preventing future conditions that could jeopardize your health.   

Your primary care doctor may help you:

  • Manage medical conditions to keep you as healthy as possible
  • Avoid trips to the emergency room
  • Avoid hospitalizations 和 surgeries by identifying health issues earlier
  • Enjoy better overall health
  • 活得更久
  • Lower your healthcare costs


Minor injuries 和 illnesses are common. But are you sure you know the right place to go for care 和 treatment? 了解更多.

初级保健vs. Internal Medicine: What’s the Difference?

Family practice physicians are primary care physicians who deliver a range of acute 和 chronic care services to patients of all ages, 和 in some cases can provide obstetrical care as well. In addition to diagnosing 和 treating illness, they provide preventive care, including routine checkups, 风险评估, 免疫接种,以及筛选测试.

An internal medicine specialist (internist) is a primary care physician who provides comprehensive care for adults only, particularly as they age 和 have multiple health issues. Internists are trained to underst和 disease prevention, 健康, 心理健康, 和 effective treatment of common 和 complex problems of the eyes, 耳朵, 皮肤, 神经系统, 胃肠道, 心, 肺, 生殖器官.

Pediatricians are family practice physicians who specialize in the physical, 情感, 和 social health of children from birth to young adulthood. Care includes preventive healthcare 和 the diagnosis 和 treatment of acute 和 chronic diseases. Pediatricians consider biological, social 和 environmental influences on the developing child, 和 the impact of disease 和 dysfunction on development.